Gleb Vysheslavsky

Gleb Vysheslavsky A. (Born: 6 5.. 1962, Kiev, Ukraine.)

Painter, art critic.
Founder and editor of the magazine "Terra Incognita" (1993 - 2000),
Editor of the magazine "Gallery" (2007 - 2010). Researcher of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Ukraine.
Member of the 50th Venice Biennale of contemporary art.
Works in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo, the Museum of Fine Art , “Palais Carnolès”, Menton, France,
National Museum of Fine Arts of  the Ukraine, and others.


* School of Fine Art ,Kiev.
* National School of Fine Arts, Moscow.
* Academy of Fine Art, Kiev.

Major Solo Exhibitions

* 1989 - Gallery "House 100", Moscow,
* 2001 - "Back" Gallery "Soviart", Kiev 2002
* Gallery Cabaret M., Nice, France,
* Museum of Fine Art,  Carnolès,Palace , Menton, France, 2001

Major Exhibitions

* 1988 - "Sedniv-88," The House of Artists, Kiev 1990 -
* "Ukrainian malARTstvo from 60 to 80", Odense, Denmark, 1992
* "Triad - young artists from France, Russia, Germany," Grassimuseum, Leipzig, Germany, 1993 -
* The Cathedral of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, 1993
* "Steppes of Europe", National Centre of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, 1993
* "Art in Ukraine", Art Museum, Toulouse, France, 1996
* "Laboratorium", International Symposium , Kosice, Slovakia, 2000
* Media Art Festival, Museum of contemporary art exhibition, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 2003.
* "Two Museums", municipal  exhibition halls in the cities of Rome, Ciampino, Viletra, Italy
* "Steppes of Europe", National Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland
* "Paris-Nord", the former  "Citroen" factory,  Paris.
* 50th Venice Biennale. Italy 2003.
* XVIII Biennial UMAM , Nice, France, 2004 -

Museum Collections:

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
Museum of Fine Arts, Sumy, Ukraine
Museum of Fine Arts "Tretyakovsk Galery" Moscow, Russia.
Collection "Gradobank." Kiev
Museum of Arts Schuchynsk, Russia.
Museum of Arts Pyetushky, Russia
Museum of Modern Art "Soviart," the city of Kiev, Ukraine (2001).
Museum of Fine Arts Palace Carnolès, Menton, France
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sarajevo, Croatia.
National Museum of Fine Arts of Ukraine, Kiev

Books by Gleb Vycheslavsky

* "The Ukrainian art of the period of post-modernism," "Essay on the history of modern art of Ukraine" (IPSM).
* "After images in the paintings, drawings, installations," AM 1989;
* "Freedom Square" photo album. 2005
* Dictionary of Art 2010