Martin Fuller

Born Leamington Spa, England 1943

ART Education

1960-62 Mid-Warwickshire College of Art
1962-64 Hornsey College of Art - Fine Art Painting
1964-65 Awarded Guggenheim-McKinley Scholarship - American Workshop, Italy


1996 Discerning Eye, Modern Painters Prize, Mall Gallery, London
1997 First Prize, Hunting Art Prize, Royal College of Art, London, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

1968 Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
1968 Midland Art Centre, Birmingham
1969 Centaur Gallery, Bath Festival
1970 Drawings and slides, Bristol City Art Gallery
1971 Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
1971 Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford
1971 Camden Arts Centre, London
1973 Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford
1973 Festival Gallery, Bath
1973 Grabowski Gallery, London
1976,79 Thumb Gallery, London
1983 Oxford Gallery, Oxford
1983 RZA Galerie, Dusseldorf
1985 Austin-Desmond Fine Art, Sunninghill
1987 On the Wall Gallery, Belfast
1987 Hendricks Gallery, Dublin
1989 Le Musee de L'Imaginaire, Paris
1990 Austin-Desmond Fine Art, London
1991-92 Artist in Residence, Sante Fe, New Mexico, leading to one man show
1997 KDK Gallery, London
2001 Leamington Art Gallery & Museum – Retrospective

1968 Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
I968 Festival Drawings by Eleven British Artists - Touring exhibition arranged by Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
1970 Arnolfini artists travelling exhibition, Bristol
1972 'Trees',Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
1974 Small Paintings, Festival Gallery, Bath
1975 'Figures into Space', Curwen Gallery, London
1976 'Figurative Art', Air Gallery, London
1977-78 'Art on Stage',Thumb Gallery touring exhibition (National Theatre, London, Sheffield City Art Gallery, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool)
1980 'Nudes', Angela Flowers Gallery, London
1978,80,81 Redfern Gallery, London
1982 'Artists of the Colony Room', Michael Parkin Gallery, London
1983 'Taste', Victoria and Albert Museum, London
1984 'Another Pair of Eyes',The Critics Choice,
Michael Parkin Gallery, London
1985 Critics Dozen, Michael Parkin Gallery, London
I986 'Face to Face', two man show, Barbican Centre, London
1987 'Self Portrait', travelling exhibition terminating at Fisher Fine Art, London
1996 International Art Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1997 'The Judge Hangs', selection by Sir Stephen Tumin, Michael Parkin Gallery, London


1971 Bristol City Art Gallery and Museum
1971 Trinity College, Oxford
1973 Bristol City Art Gallery and Museum
1982 Unilever Purchase, London
1990 Peregrine Securities Collection, London
1994 Times Mirror Collection, London
1995 Sullivan Collection, New York
1997 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Arts Project, London
1997 Railtrack Collection, London