Olivia Kapoor

Oliver Kapoor explores water and time as reoccurring motifs in her boisterous mid-sized acrylic works on canvas. Her landmark visions, which she describes as a representation of "Psychedelic Abstraction," depict cheerful, hyper real swamplands where water, earth, animal and plant life fuse and overlap amidst totemic faces at once human and godlike. Inspired by the rocks and fossils she collected in Chicago as a child, her ebullient landscapes suggest immateriality and spontaneous perception. Aiming to set in motion a dramatic awakening of consciousness in her viewer, Kapoor states that she aims to ‘Create an atmosphere in which the viewer's eyes are continuously moving around.’ At the same time, her whirlwind visioning in aquamarine, teal, lemon yellow, royal blue, pink and magenta are the beguiling fruits of what Kapoor identifies as a chiefly meditative process.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Olivia Kapoor has an associate degree in art and was the 2009 National Award Winner of the American Red Cross art competition. The artist currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.